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I'm no longer active in developing SANE drivers. Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list.


This page covers the SANE Mustek a3p2 ("mustek_a3p1") backend which supports the Mustek Mustek P 3600 A3 PRO USB scanner. This backend is not yet included in the sane-backends distribution.

The backend has been provided by Mustek and was written by Roy Zhou, Jack Xu, and Vinci Cen.


The backend is completely untested by me (Henning) as I don't own such a scanner. It compiles at least on Linux i386.

I have one report that scanning in all resolutions (but some delays happen at the start and end of the scan). There are some reports that scanning only works at 1800 dpi and if very small areas are scanned. I don't have any other negative or positive reports. For Mustek staff it works, however. If you can confirm that it works or have trouble getting it working please contact me.

The idea is to add the backend (after some modifications) to the sane-backends distribution. However, I myself don't have enough time to do it and nobody has volunteered until now. It's planned to add other scanners based on SQ11 chip to this backend (or to create a new one based on this backend). This work has also to be done by someone else.


As of now, there is no documentation.


You'll need libusb 0.1.8 or newer. You also need libpthread.


a3p1_0.6.1.2.tar.gz (2005-10-19) (updated version ,also untested by me)
a3p1_0930.tar.gz (2005-09-30) (original version from Mustek, untested by me).


As usual, see "README". The backend is included in a stand-alone sane-backends source tree so you don't need sane-backends (libsane) for building or installation. If you have already built sane-backends before, run "make uninstall" before "make install".

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